5 Tips to Manage Coaching & Self Study in CBSE Class 12

5 Tips to Manage Coaching & Self Study in CBSE Class 12

CBSE class 12 is an important milestone in the academic career of the students. So, scoring good marks in this class becomes vital for the students. However, it is not an easy task to score well in the exam due to the vastness and difficulty level of the subjects. Therefore, almost the majority of the students enrol in a coaching class to simplify the subjects and score well in the exam.

5 Tips to Manage Coaching & Self Study in CBSE Class 12
5 Tips to Manage Coaching & Self Study in CBSE Class 12

However, with so many things to deal already in the form of attending the school, completing the projects and homework, students find coaching classes an additional burden. Therefore, managing your school, self-study and coaching classes together can prove to be a challenging task.

So, to help you in this regard, here are a few simple tips that you can follow to manage your coaching classes and self-study in CBSE class 12.

Use Your Time Effectively

With regular school and coaching classes, it can get pretty tricky to take out time for self-study. So, whatever time you get, you should utilize it in the best possible way. What you need to do is to allocate the available time to study difficult topics in subjects like Maths and Physics.

There would be topics in each subject which you would be good at. Similarly, there would be some topics which you may be weak at and which may require more attention from you.

So, instead of focussing your attention equally on each topic, you should make sure to study those topics which you are not comfortable with. By doing so, you will be working on your weaknesses, which in turn will improve your understanding of the subject.

Additionally, you should spend more time on topics carrying more weightage in comparison to the topics that give minimum marks in the exam.

Follow a Perfect Study Plan

To manage your self-study along with regular coaching and school, you should have in place a properly planned study timetable. While doing self-study, do not try and attempt only study one subject at a time. Instead, you should give equal time to each subject of CBSE Class 12 on a daily basis to prepare for the exam.

By following this approach, it will get quite easier for you to focus on each subject properly, prepare its syllabus thoroughly and score good marks in the exam.

Ensure Effective Time Management

Once you decided to follow a study plan for self-study, the next important thing is to manage your time efficiently to study accordingly. For this purpose, it gets important to study for at least 3 hours daily besides attending the school and coaching class. During the three hours, you should study important subjects with full dedication and concentration without any disturbance whatsoever.

While doing your study, you should remain entirely focussed for the whole-time duration like you are sitting in an exam hall. Moreover, you should during the 3-hour session, avoid using mobile phones or any other medium of entertainment as it can lead to disturbance and wastage of time.

Pay Proper Attention to School Study

For class 12 students, the time spent in the school plays a critical role in overall exam preparation. Many students do not pay much attention in school as they feel they can learn the important topics in their coaching that are taught in the school. However, this is not a wise approach to follow as it leads to wastage of time.

So, by being attentive and focussed in school, you can study, understand and learn important topics easily and understand the concepts better. This will help you enhance your exam preparation level and save your precious time that goes in revising the topics at home.

Moreover, if you do not have coaching classes on a given day, it is advised that you revise topics discussed in class later at home to keep the concepts fresh in your mind.

Follow a Thorough Revision Strategy

Revision is one of the most critical aspects that you need to take care of to manage your self-study and coaching classes together. Revising the class 12 syllabus regularly always proves more effective than studying the whole syllabus a few days before the exam. Besides, by studying and revising a particular topic, again and again, you will make your concepts and exam preparation stronger.

So, to ensure an effective revision of important subjects like Physics and Chemistry, read short notes, flashcards, and attempt the previous year papers. While revising, identify your weak and strong topics, focus on them and study them regularly. This will help you strengthen your exam preparation and score more marks in class 12 Boards.

Final Words

So, in the end, it is crucial to prepare for the class 12 exam by focusing full attention on self-study while attending school and coaching classes. Moreover, it is essential to follow a proper study routine and time management.

Also, you should make sure to keep your mind relaxed by taking small breaks in between and doing some recreational activity.

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