AFCAT EKT (Engineering Knowledge Test) Syllabus and Exam Pattern

The Air force common admission test is conducted for the selection of the officers into the Indian Air force. Through the AFCAT Examination, candidates can join the following branches of the Indian Air force like Flying branch, technical Branch and group Duty Branch, etc. Here in this article, I will tell you the complete details of the AFCAT EKT Syllabus and Exam Pattern of AFCAT EKT, etc. To get complete information about this, check the complete article below. I have given all the details about the AFCAT Engineering Knowledge Test Syllabus and at last, I have also discussed how to prepare for this in easy to score maximum marks. Check the complete article to get a complete article about this.

AFCAT EKT (Engineering Knowledge Test) Syllabus and Exam Pattern

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AFCAT KET Syllabus and Exam Pattern:

The Syllabus and Exam Pattern of the Flying Branch and Ground Duty Branch is completely the same but the syllabus for the technical Branch is completely different and candidates will have to prepare for this. A Candidate will have to appear for the extra paper to join the technical branch of the Indian Air force. In the Air force common admission test (AFCAT) Question paper there would be attached paper of AFCAT EKT which is an engineering knowledge test Paper. A candidate who wants to join the technical branch of the Indian Air force, they will have to solve that paper. Here in this article, we will discuss this and will tell you the complete details about the syllabus of AFCAT EKT and how to prepare for this in a good manner and I will also tell you the AFCAT EKT Exam Pattern. Check all the information below:

Exam Pattern of AFCAT EKT Exam:

StreamsNumber of questionsTotal Marks
Mechanical Engineering50150
Computer Engineering50150
Electronics and Electrical Engineering50150

A candidate has to attend any one of them out of three:

  • Total numbers of questions in each stream: 50
  • Total Time duration: 45mins
  • Each question would be carrying 3 marks.
  • There would be also negative marking: 1/3 marks will be deducted for each wrong response.

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Syllabus of AFCAT EKT Exam:

The Syllabus of Air force common Admission Test (AFCAT) Engineering Knowledge Test (EKT) is not so broad and it can be prepared easily. In the AFCAT EKT Question Papers, the questions would be asked from the three streams of engineering:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer science Engineering
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The Engineering question paper would have three sections like for mechanical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering, etc. A candidate has to attend any one our of three as per your disciplined streams. Now let’s see the complete syllabus in detail like what are the topics that you have to cover in this EKT (Engineering Knowledge Test). You can check the complete syllabus below:

Mechanical Engineering Syllabus for AFCAT EKT Exam:

Fundamental Engineering:
  • Engineering Mathematics,
  • Matrix Algebra
  • Eigenvalues
  • Eigenvectors,
  • Theorems of integral calculus
  • Partial derivatives
  • Maxima and minimum
  •  Multiple integrals
  • Stoke
  • Gauss and Green’s theorems
  •  First-order differential equation
  • Cauchy’s and
  • Euler’s equations
  • Complex variables
  • Taylor’s and Laurent’ series
  • Sampling theorems
  • Mean,
  • Median, Mode and Standard deviation,
  • Random variables

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Engineering Mechanics:
  • Equations of equilibrium in space and its application
  • first and second moments of area
  • simple problems on friction
  • kinematics of particles for plane motion
  • elementary particle dynamics
  • Generalized Hooke’s law and its application
  • design problems on axial stress shear stress and bearing stress
  • material properties for dynamic loading
  • bending shear and stresses in beams
  • determination of principle stresses and strains – analytical and graphical
  • material behavior and design factors for dynamic load
  • design of circular shafts for bending and torsional load only
  • deflection of the beam for statically determinate problems
  • theories of failure.


  • The basic concept of First –law and the second law of Thermodynamics
  • Concept of entropy and reversibility
  • Availability and unavailability and irreversibility
  • Classification and properties of fluids
  • Incompressible and compressible fluids flow
  • Effect of Mach number and
  • Compressibility
  • Continuity momentum and energy equations.
  • Normal and oblique shocks
  • One-dimensional isentropic flow; flow or fluids in the duct with frictions that transfer. Flow-through fans.
  • Blowers
  • compressors
  • axial and centrifugal flow configuration
  • design of fans and compressors

Fo the complete syllabus of this I have given the complete Official Website Pdf. You can download the PDF to get the complete syllabus of AFCAT EKT.

Computer Science Engineering Syllabus of AFCAT EKT:

Analog and Digital Electronics.
  •  Characteristics of diodes
  • Amplifiers – biasing
  • equivalent circuit and frequency response
  • Oscillators and feedback
  • Amplifiers
  •  Operational amplifiers
  • characteristics and applications
  • Simple active filters
  • VCOs and timers

Electronic Devices.

  • Energy bands in Silicon,
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic Silicon,
  • Carrier transport in silicon – diffusion current
  •  drift current
  •  mobility, and resistivity.
  • Generation and
  • Computer Networks.
  • ISO/OSI stack
  • LAN technologies (Ethernet, Token ring),
  • Flow and error control techniques
  • Congestion control
  • TCP/UDP and sockets, IPv4, Application layer
  • Basic concepts of hubs
  • Switches
  • gateways, and routers.
  •  Network security – basic concepts of a public key and private key cryptography
  • A digital signature, firewalls. Basic concepts of client-server computing.

A complete syllabus of this is given in the Pdf below:

Electronics and Electrical Engineering Syllabus:

  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Engineering Physics
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Analog and Digital Electronics.
  • Electrical Engineering.
  • Electronic Devices
  • Control Engineering.
  • Telecommunication Systems.
  • Microwave Engineering.
  • Instrumentation. Accuracy
  • Precision and repeatability
  • Electronic instruments etc.

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The topics of each stream are too much and it is hard to give the complete syllabus here. All the candidates who want to complete the syllabus of the Air force common admission test Engineering Knowledge Test. They Can download the complete Pdf of the syllabus:

Prepare for the Exam in a better manner. the competition is too much. Prepare the complete syllabus and score better. Good Luck.

This is all about the AFCAT EKT Syllabus and Exam Pattern. If you like this article and find useful then share it with your friends. also, feel free to comment in the below section. if you guys want to appreciate my afford please share my post with your friends by which they can also avail of my services. For any Private add and other inquiry mails us at [email protected]

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