CID Officer Salary, Promotion and Job Profile


CID Officer Salary: The Criminal Investigation Department is one of the superior’s departments to work over the investigation. Here in this article, I will talk about the Life of Criminal Investigation Department Officers and will share with you details like CID officers Salary, Promotion and Job Profile of CID Officer, etc. Who wants to join this service they are very curious to know about the lifestyle of the CID officer and what kind of allowances and benefits they get in the service. Check out the article below to get complete details about the Criminal Investigation Department Officers.get

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CID Officer Salary, Job Profile, and Promotions:

To get selected in the CID department, one will have to clear the selection phase of this. Earlier, this exam used to be conducted by the SSC (Staff Selection Commission). Still, now this has been changed, and now the exam to become CID Officer is held by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). In the selection phase of this, A candidate will have to appear for the:

It is mandatory to clear the selection phase of this to get selected in the service. We are here to discuss the CID Officers Salary, Promotion and Job Profile, etc. let’s see that.

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Salary of CID Officer:

CID Officer Salary: The Salary in the government service is always way better than Private jobs or service. In the government, a person also enjoys the numerous benefits, Allowances, and perks, etc. That is hardly given by any Private organization to its employees. The Salary in the Government sector is decided on the basis of the Grade of Job. An average, A CID Officer Salary between 55,000/- per month to 80,000/- per month or even more. The Salary of CID Officer in the service depends upon the types of work and nature of duty etc.

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At the initial days in the service, The Salary may be less, It would be around 21,000/- or even more but after the six months or a year of service, You will get more. There are many other benefits that a person gets in the service and that is after the salary.

  • Dearness Allowances
  • Fieldwork Allowances
  • Travel Allowances
  • House Rent Allowances
  • Mobile phone bills, Electricity bills and some other allowances, etc.

The Salary and allowances, Benefits are awesome in the service. You will also get promotions in the service and once you get promoted, the Salary, responsibilities, Allowances, and benefits will also Increase. Now let’s see the complete details about the promotion of the candidates in this service as an Officer and after that, I will tell you the Job Profile of CID Officers.

Promotion Structure:

After CID Officer Salary lets discuss Promotion, in any government service is always done on the basis of the experience. A serviceman is only got a further promotion if his services records are clear and he or she has done his job honestly.

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The experience does matter a lot to get promotion in the service. In most of the services, there are promotional/Internal Exam/ Departmental Exams for further promotion. All the candidate who want to get further Promotion and are eligible for this, they can appear for the Promotional exams. There are also some eligibility Criteria that are mandatory to match to apply for this. Now let’s see the promotion Pyramid of CID Officers.

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Asst. Sub Inspector

The First Promotion in the service is made at least after the 3 years of service and then it goes like this. Now let’s see the job profile of the Criminal Investigation Department Officer.

Job Profile of CID Officer:

In the Criminal Investigation Department, there is a variety of jobs offered that one can target on the basis of their interest. First, we will see the type of jobs and that we will see the details about this, etc.

  • Fraud Investigator
  • Police officer
  • Investigative Officer
  • Criminologist
  • Paralegal
  • Narcotics officer etc.

These are the job roles that are offered in the Criminal Investigation Department. Now let’s see the details about this and know the exact role in the service.

Fraud Investigator: The very basic work of the Fraud Investigator is to check investigates the things on the basis of the facts. they also research records and obtain and analyze the situation and then they prepare the proper report.

Police Officer: The police officers are the first person who reaches on the place of incident and does the basic research to collect the evidence and handover to the senior officers.

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Investigative Officer: The basic work of the Investigative officers is to conduct the inquiry team and discuss the cases on the basis of the collected evidence and later they prepare a report on the basis of this.

Criminologist: They also conducts the research and try to think like a criminal and they also create crime seen to understand criminal behavior.

Paralegal: Most of the time, the paralegal works as a Law officer. They also investigate the cases and prepare the report for the court. They also assist lawyers in filing materials such as motion, Memoranda, and pleading, etc.

Narcotics officer: They also work to collect the evidence and prepare the report on the basis of that. Narcotics Officers are specialized in preventing drugs and other illegal activities.

These are the job roles and their profile in the criminal Investigation Department that one can opt to. You can join any of them per your interest.

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