Discuss Interpersonal barriers to communication.

Interpersonal barriers to communication.- Interpersonal barriers to communication is regarded as trickiest obstacle to effective communication. Without interpersonal to effective communication. Without interpersonal communication skills of individuals cannot find success in both their professional as well as personal life. Interpersonal communication includes not only verbal communication, but also non-verbal communication. The recipient of communication interprets the potential meaning of the communication. Barriers to interpersonal communication occur when the sender’s message is received differently from it was intended. Typically, communication breakdowns result from lack of understanding without clarification. If barriers to interpersonal communication are not acknowledged, workplace productivity will suffer.

Interpersonal barriers that prevent individuals from effective communication are as under:

Discuss the nature of business organisation.

1. Lack of Desire to participate

The lack of desire to participate in the communication process is a significant barrier.

2. Unwillingness to explore Different Ideas

Unwillingness to explore ideas, opinions and priorities create communication barriers. Lack of desire to explore others views, opinions, or ideas are frastrating.

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