Discuss the functions of IT.

Discuss the functions of IT.

functions of IT- Information technology is the major driving force in several business organizations. These organisations use IT applications. By use of information technology business organizations move information faster and co-ordinate several activities to achieve efficiency. Information technology brings revolutionary changes in business, education, and so many other sectors. It generates networked economy where business organizations are linked with their customers, suppliers, partners etc. The major functions of information technology are.

1.Data Capturing

Information technology captures data. E- commerce companies, e.g Amazon uses internet cookies to capture data regarding a customer’s purchases. Google uses internet cookies to monitor websites and contents. Thus, several online companies use internet cookies to capture data in order to improve their sales and services.

2. Data Processing Function

Data processing function involves converting, analyzing, computing and producing data. The system re- organizes the data on the basis of business organistion’s requirements where an electronic commerce company website captures data about the previous purchases of its customers. Data informs on prices, products of interest, categories of interest, period of purchase etc. This data is used next time when a user goes back to that e-store to suggest relevant products.

3. Information Creation Function

Information technology organizes information into a useful form.

Give the factors taken in view regarding nature of business.

4. Information Storage Function

Information technology retains information for future use. For example, Facebook.com is a social network. It connects people, but upon registering with the network, the user provides their interests, background, profession information etc. Facebook uses the information to suggest the friends of user.

5. Retrieval of Information

It involves a process by which computer system is used to find and copy data for further distribution and processing. Search engines e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. have data centres which store information to use at later stage by the end user who will be searching for information online.

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