Download 400 Synonyms and Antonyms For All Competitive Exams

Download 400 Synonyms and Antonyms For All Competitive Exams-Hello Readers जो छात्र CDS, NDA, और other Competitive Exams के लिए तैयारी कर रहे हैं उनके लिए आज हम एक बहुत ही अच्छे subjects से related PDF Notes Share कर रहे हैं. यह Notes Download 400 Synonyms and Antonyms For All Competitive Exams की है जो आप सभी के प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं के लिए Helpful है.

Download 400 Synonyms and Antonyms For All Competitive Exams
Download 400 Synonyms and Antonyms For All Competitive Exams

आप सभी छात्रों को बता दूं की यह PDF Notes आप सभी के लिए Share किया जा रहा है आप  हमारे website में दिए गयें और कई books है जो आप के लिए बहुत ही helpful notes है आप उन्हें भी Download कर के अपने आगामी प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं की तयारी कर सकते हैं.आप हमारे Post को अपने दोस्तों के साथ share जरुर करें. इस Notes को Download करने के लिए नीचे Button पर click करें.

Top 400 Synonyms and Antonyms -Download PDF From Below

S. No.Words Synonyms Antonyms
1Defrayspend, payDisclaim, Repudiate
2Deliberatecautious, intentionalRash, Sudden
3DemolishRuin, devastateRepair, construct
4Deprivedespoil, divestRestore, Renew
5Deridemock, tauntInspire, Encourage
6Disdaindetest, despiseApprove, praise
7DissuadeRemonstrate, CounselInsite, Persuade
8DenounceBlame, boycottDefend
9DenseOpaque, piledSparse, brainy
10DerogatorySarcastic, criticalLaudatory, appreciative
11DespairDepression, miseryContentment, Hope
12DestructiveCatastrophic, perniciousCreative, Constructive
13DocilePliable, pliantHeadstrong, obstinate
14DwarfDiminutive, PetiteHuge, Giant
15EagerKeen, acquisitiveIndifferent, apathetic
16EclipseDiminution, DimmingShine, eclipse
17Eccentricstrange, abnormalNatural, Conventional
18Ecstasydelight, exultationDespair, Calamity
19Effacedestroy, obliterateRetain, Maintain
20Eloquenceexpression, fluencyHalting, Stammering
21Encumbrancehindrance, obstacleIncentive, stimulant
22Endeavourundertake, aspireCease, quit
23Enormouscolossal, mammothDiminutive, negligible
24Epitomeprecise, exampleIncrement, expansion
25Equivocaluncertain, hazyObvious, lucid
26Eradicatedestroy, exterminateSecure, plant
27Fabricateconstruct, produceDestroy, Dismantle
28Fallacydelusion, mistakeVeracity, Truth
29Falterstumble, demurPersist, Endure
30Fanaticalnarrow-minded, biasedLiberal, Tolerant
31Feebleweak, frailStrong, Robust
32Ferociouscruel, fierceGentle, Sympathetic
33Feudstrife, quarrelHarmony, fraternity
34Fluctuatedeflect, vacillateStabilize, resolve
35Forsakedesert, renounceHold, maintain
36Fragileweak, infirmEnduring, Tough
37Franticviolent, agitatedSubdued, gentle
38Frivolouspetty, worthlessSolemn, significant
39Frugalityeconomy, providenceLavishness, extravagance
40GatherConverge, huddleDisperse, Dissemble
41Gloomobscurity, darknessDelight, mirth
42Glutstuff, satiateStarve, abstain
43Gorgeousmagnificent, dazzlingDull, unpretentious
44Graciouscourteous, beneficentRude, Unforgiving
45Grislydisgusting, atrociousPleasing, attractive
46Grudgehatred, aversionBenevolence, Affection
47Guilecunning, deceitHonesty, frankness
48GenerosityAltruism, bountyStinginess, greed
49GenuineAbsolute, FactualSpurious
50GloomyBleak, cloudyGay, Bright
51GloryDignity, renownShame, Disgrace
52Hamperretard, preventPromote, facilitate
53Haplessunfortunate, ill-fatedFortunate, Lucky
54Harassirritate, molestAssist, comfort
55Haughtyarrogant, pompousHumble, Submissive
56HazardPeril, dangerConviction, security
57Hereticnon-conformist, secularistConformable, religious
58Hideousfrightful, shockingAttractive, alluring
59HamstrungCripple DebilitateStrengthen, Encourage
60HarmonyConformity, AmicabilityDiscord, discord
61HastyAbrupt, ImpetuousLeisurely, Cautious
62HonorAdoration, ReverenceDenunciation, Shame
63HumbleMeek, TimidProud, Assertive
64HumilityResignation, FawningBoldness, Pride
65HypocrisyDeception, PharisaismSincerity, frankness
66ImpenitentUncontrite, ObdurateRepentant
67ImpulsiveFlaky, ImpetuousCautious, Deliberate
68IndifferentEquitable, HaughtyPartial, Biased
69IndigentDestitute, ImpoverishedRich, Affluent
70InfernalDamned, AccursedHeavenly,
71InsipidTedious, ProsaicPleasing, appetizing
72InterestingEnchanting, RivetingDull, Uninteresting
73Immaculateunsullied, spotlessDefiled, Tarnished
74Immensehuge, enormousPuny, Insignificant
75Immersesubmerge, involveEmerge, uncover
76Imminentimpending, brewingDistant, Receding
77Immunityprerogative, privilegeBlame, Censure
78Impairdiminish, deteriorateRestore, Revive
79Impartialjust, unbiasedPrejudiced, Biased
80Impedimenthurdle, obstructionAssistant, Concurrence
81Impiousirreligious, unholyPious, Devout
82Imputeattribute, ascribeExculpate, support
83Inclinationdisposition, affectionIndifference, Disinclination
84Incompetentinefficient, unskilledDexterous, Skilled
85Incongruousinappropriate, absurdCompatible, harmonious
86Inevitableunavoidable, ascertainedUnlikely, Doubtful
87Infringeviolate, encroachComply, Concur
88Ingenuousundisguised, naiveWily, Craftly
89Insinuateallude, hintConceal, Camouflage
90Insipidtasteless, vapidDelicious, luscious
91Insolventindigent, destituteWealthy, solvent
92Instillinculcate, injectEradicate, extract
93Intricatetangled, complicatedRegulated, Orderly
94Intriguescheme, conspiracyCandor, Sincerity
95Intrinsicgenuine, fundamentalExtraneous, incidental
96Invectiveaccusation, censureApproval, acclamation
97Invincibleunconquerable, impregnableEffeminate, languid
98Irrepressibleirresistible, unconfinedComposed, hesitant
99ImmaculateExquisite, ImpeccableDefiled, Tarnished
100Jadedtired, exhaustedRenewed, recreated
101Jejunedull, boringInteresting, exciting

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