Explain the factors affecting oral, written and video session listening

Explain the factors affecting oral, written and video session listening.

Factors affecting Oral Listening- In oral listening message in received orally. When a listener just listens to what the speaker says and does not take any note of it, it is called oral listening. Following factors are observed to make oral listening effective:

1. Stop Talking

You must prefer listening to talking and concentrate on what the talker is saying. Talking should be stopped so that you may listen clearly.

2. Showing that You Want to Listen

It must be convinced to the talker that you are listening to understand. You should look interested in the talk and create an atmosphere for cordial exchange of message.

3. Patience

Talker should be given full opportunity to say what he wants to say. He should not be interrupted.

4. Easy on Arguments and Criticisms

You have all rights to ask to argue and also to criticise, but you should be polite and logical. You should assist the talker in putting his side also and improving his message.

5. Removing Distractions

Distractions are the barriers in listening. For example, reading a book or magazine, tapping with pen shuffling papers, looking at watch, looking away, etc. These distractions should be removed.

Factors affecting Written Listening

In written listening the listener takes some notes of important points of talk. He maintains a paper or note-book and a pen ready with him and notes down the important points. Following factors should be observed:

1. Concentration on Listening

While listening, you should concentrate on what does the speaker say so that you may listen to the entire message.

2. Important Points

You should not try to travel on two boats at one time. You should concentrate on listening and take the notes of important points. No one can take extensive notes because no one can write as fast as the words are spoken.

3. Checking Notes

At the end of conversation, you should check your notes.

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Factors affecting Video Session Listening

In Video session listening messages are conveyed through video sessions. A listener sits before video and sees and listens the message. Following factors are to be observed to make it effective:

1. Paying Attention

You should be attentive while seeing a video film. You should try to understand the message clearly.

2 Anticipation

Wayne Gretzky, A champion hockey player said, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.” It holds true on video session listening also and should anticipate, what you want to hear.

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