Explain the forms of Proxemics.

Explain the forms of Proxemics.

Proxemics- It is the study of the way of communication with the space around us. Kinesics is the study of body language. Proxemics of space language needs same effort to arrange, and understand the meaning. It is also known as personal space language.

Proxemics is also called Personal space language’, Time language’, or ‘Surrounding language’. Thus there are three forms or types of proxemics:

(i) Space Language

A person’s distance from the other person reveals their inter-relationship and the nature of communication, a person, keeping himself in the centre of space around him, finds himself surrounded by four types of space languages, like-Intimate space language, Personal space language, Social space language and Public space language.

Time Language

It is another type of non-verbal communication. Under it communication is made in terms of time by showing to communicatee. Time management is also very important now-a-days.


  1. Time is money;
  2. It has crucial role in functions;
  3. It pervades our thinking.
  4. It dominates our communication.

(ii) Surroundings

It refers to physical atmosphere all around. It forms into own language. Surroundings have many components.

Discuss the merits of body language.

(A) Colour

Colour is an important medium of communication and, therefore, we should take extra care while choosing the colour for effectivecommunication. Different colours express different moods and behaviours and also different cultural backgrounds. In the Western society black-colour is associated with grief and sorrow, whereas the bride puts on white gown in her marriage ceremony. White is a symbol of peace universally recognised. This is all known as the language of colour.

(B) Layout and Designing

The place where the office is situated, layout of the office, design of the furniture, carpenting etc. communicate some meaning. Layout and designing convey the mood, personality, external architect, the status etc. of the person or firm.

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