Explain the personal barriers of communication.

Explain the personal barriers of communication.

Personal Barriers of Communication – As communication is also treated as process of inter-personal relationship so matters relating to inter-personal relationship e.g. status and position, disputes, non-conformity of rights, anti-personal values and interest etc. also affect the communication. Following are the personal barriers of an organisational structure:

(a) Barriers in Superiors

Superior officers play important role in communicating in the organisation due to their high position.

Following are the main barriers of these:

1.Lack of Time

Superiors feel lack of time for communication. They do less communication due to over workload and shortage of time.

2. Lack of Confidence

Superiors assume that subordinates are less skilled. They cannot provide required information or suitable suggestions to the superior officers.

3. Ignoring Communication

Superior officers do not reveal information to the subordinates due to his dignity. They do not talk with subordinates with open mind. They use aggressive style with their functions.

4. Acceptance of Communication by Proper Channel

Generally superior accept communication through proper channel. Due to it communication become late..

What do you mean by barrier’ in communication? What are the main barries’ to communication?

(b) Barriers of Subordinates

It is essential for effective communication process that subordinates should also participate in communication. Following are the barriers of communicatioon in communication process:

1. No Interest in Communication

Subordinates working with the organisation have not awareness for the communication. They do not make communication due to fear and negligence. Generally inferiority complex and fear are found in the mind of subordinates due to it they are unable in expressing their views with their superiors.

2. Defensive Communication

Subordinates make communication in defensive manner.

3. Lack of Motivation

Subordinates do not pay more attention towards communication due to lack of incentive. They know that no attention shall be paid on their suggestions and complaints.

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