Explain the qualities of Successful Businessman.

Explain the qualities of Successful Businessman.

Qualities of Sucessful Businessman – A successful businessman must have the following qualities:

1.Impressive Personality

In order to become a successful businessman good personality is essential. Personality can turn a fee into a friend. Outward appearance and personality of a person involves the following:

  1. Smartness and presentability.
  2. Cheerfulness (A cheerful man can attract customers to his shop. A stubborn person, without a smile on his face can never win over his customers. You laugh and the world laughs with you but (cry alone).
  3. Sound health to work harder and to motivate his workers to work harder.
  4. Self-confidence to listen others views.
  5. Enthusiasm and zeal towards one’s work.
  6. Tactful (if businessman does not do things tactfully, he cannot get success).
  7. Optimistic to work with dedication.
  8. Politeness (Businessman should be polite as politeness costs nothing but it pays everything. With politeness, a businessman can win over customers. Poet Tulsidas says:

तुलसी मीठे बचन से सुख उपजत चहुँ ओर।

वशीकरण इक मंत्र है तज दे बचन कठोर ॥

2. Good Character

Good character is helpful in establishing prestige. It increases person’s influence on people. Lack of good character can have negative repercussions on business.

“If money is lost nothing is lost. If health is lost something is lost and If character is lost everything is lost.

3. Knowledge of his Business

A businessman should have through knowledge of his business to become a successful businessman.

4. Hardy

If businessman works hard only then he can motivate his workers to work hard for him, else he cannot expect hard work and dedication. Fortune favours the Hardy.” Success of business depends upon hard work.

5. Professional Training

In the present time, people give more attention to professional training. Professional training helps a person to emerge as a successful.

6. Honesty :

Success in business depends upon business policy based on honesty. It has been rightly said that you can make fool of a person for some time, but you cannot befool everybody all the time. Thus, honesty is the best policy to get success in business.

7. Alertness towards Changes

If businessman is not aware of the changes he will not be able to compete with his rivals and will lose his customers because of which he will suffer losses. So, he should be alert and aware of his surroundings. He should be aware of the changes in the market and change in the consumers’ taste.

8. Ambitious and Imaginary

A person before starting any business should weigh the pros and cons of the business and should take all the decisions firmly. He should be imaginary and innovative so as to compete with his rivals.

9. Natural Aptitude towards Business

Natural aptitude inspires a person to work hard. Businessman should have a natural aptitude towards business in order to become a successful businessman. Natural aptitude inspires a person to work hard and makes him successful. On the other hand, lack of aptitude results in loss of interest, in work because of which failure in business is certain.

10. Disciplined

If the employer i.e. businessman himself is not disciplined he cannot expect his employees to be disciplined. Discipline is the spirit of business. A businessman should be disciplined before expecting his employees to be a lover of discipline.

11. Ability to make Quick Decision

The businessman should have the ability to take decisions by himself base upon his knowledge and experience. He should have the ability and power to make quick decisions so that he may solve his various problems immediately.

12. Ability to Satisfy Customers

A successful businessman should believes that “Consumer is the king” and “Customers are sold satisfaction, not goods.” A satisfied customer is a walking advertisement.

13. Ability to analyze Situation and to take Risk

Situation should be analysed by the businessman and only then risk should be taken. A businessman who is upset by the initial failures and thinks of running away cannot hope to succeed. Try and try again and you will succeed at last.

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14. Other Qualities

In addition to above following are some other qualities of a successful businessman :

  1. Ability to help others,
  2. Patient and spirit of co-operation,
  3. Ability of honest dealing, and good behaviour,
  4. Valuer of time.

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