Gram Pradhan Job Profile, what is work of Gram Pradhan -

Gram Pradhan Job Profile, what is work of Gram Pradhan

We all are very familiar with the word Pradhan. The Pradhan is a person who is elected by the Villagers for five years, and he/she is responsible for the development of the village and all common and daily problems of the villagers. Here in this article, I am going to share with you the complete details about the Gram Pradhan Job Profile, and I will also tell you about the other responsibilities and work of the Gram Pradhan etc. Check out the article below to get complete details about the Gram Pradhan.

Gram Pradhan Job Profile, what is work of Gram Pradhan

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Gram Pradhan Job Profile, what is work of Gram Pradhan:

The village development officer and Gram Pradhan are responsible for the development of the village society. The VDO (Village Development officer) is a state government employees and work for the development of the village through the Gram Pradhan. To become a Village Development officer, one will have to clear the written examination, which is conducted by the state government body. After the written, one will appear for the Interview, while the gram pradhan is made through the election. In every five years, Gram Sabha election is conducted by the Head of the block.

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The VDO (Village Development officers) are the administrative officer, and the Gram Pradhan is representative. The Gram Pradhan has to mark out all the problems that are in the village and has to report it to the Village development officer. The VDO has to prepare the report after doing proper cross-check. The VDO and Gram Pradhan are equally responsible for the development of any village.

In the Village area, the Pradhan is elected and in the town, areas the Chairman is elected. They both are the same in power and profile, but the nature and way of working are a bit different. Here I am sharing with you the work and responsibility of Gram Pradhan.

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Works Profile and responsibilities:

The work of the Gram Pradhan is to connect to with every people of the village and solve all the problem. They are also responsible for making a better society in the town and maintain all the works of the village that is related to village development.

They are responsible for the water supply through the NAHAR. Most of the villager is still dependent on the Government water supply. The Gram Pradhan is responsible for the maintenance of this. The Gram Pradhan is also accountable for the education of the farmer’s child. The Gram Pradhan has to encourage the children to study, and they also arrange the school Uniform, lunch etc.

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The villagers also get free ration from the government. The gram pradhan and some other associates have to distribute this to the villagers. These all the works are divided into many categories but although this is all adjoint with the Gram Pradhan.

In any development in the village, the Gram Pradhan has to distribute that work in the towns and give them equal employment opportunities. The Gram Pradhan also works with the government in any implementation of the new rules and regulations etc.

There are also many other works that A Gram Pradhan is responsible for but that depends on the development rate of the village. The Gram Pradhan Usually do nothing. The villages have the power to file the complaint against the Pradhan. They can directly write the application to the Block development officer or can also contact to the Village development officer etc.

If they all don’t get a response to the application, they can meet the SDM and can report their complaint, etc. To report the complaint the Gram Pradhan, One will need to have at least 4-5 people signature who agrees with you with this complaint. In our constitution, there is provision for everything, and you just need to be educated about your rights.

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Every person has the right to become Gram pradhan of the village. There is no restriction for this regarding the caste, community, religion, etc. The gram pradhan is made through the election, and only village people can vote for this. All the person in the village has equal rights. Nobody can be called as lower caste or upper caste. Even now the governments have also made a separate rule for the OBC, SC/ST candidates for the Gram Pradhan election.

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