ISRO Engineer Salary, Pay scale, Job Profile, and Promotions -

ISRO Engineer Salary, Pay scale, Job Profile, and Promotions

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ISRO Engineer Salary, Pay scale, Job Profile, and Promotions

The candidates will find all the required details for which they can look for. We hope that this article will help you in knowing all the details and facts on ISRO Engineer Salary, Pay scale, Job Profile and Promotions. Read the full article given below.

ISRO Engineer Salary, Pay Scale, Job profile and Promotions-

Before we go further we should some more details about ISRO. We will be discussing many norms and facts about ISRO so it is very important that we should know about the term ISRO. The full form of ISRO is Indian Space Research Organisation. Indian Space Research Organisation is an agency or a Space agency that works for the Government of India. ISRO was the first name as The Indian National Committee For Space Research ( INCOSPAR ) which was established in 1962. It works under the Department of Atomic Energy. Later on, the name was changed to ISRO. ISRO with its name was established 50 years ago on 15 August 1969. ISRO is located in Bengaluru in Karnataka, India. In other words, the headquarters of ISRO is in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

The chairman or administrator of ISRO is K. Sivan. The yearly budget of ISRO is around Rs 10.252 crore or 1.5 billion in U.S dollars. India’s first satellite was built by ISRO on 19 April 1975. The name of their first satellite was ” Aryabhata” which was launched by the Soviet Union. It was named after the mathematician Aryabhata. The vision of ISRO is ”harness space technology for national development” while pursuing space science research and planetary exploration. ISRO directly reports to the prime minister of India. There are many Scientists and Engineers who work for ISRO. Today we will focus on ISRO Engineers only.

ISRO Engineers Lifestyle-

The job profile or the lifestyle of an ISRO engineer is somehow boring and non-routine. They spent most of their time in thinking and try to develop as many as thoughts they can. They work for many projects for Indian space Research Organisation. For making these projects they have to be very thoughtful and careful. They do many experiments for any project in which they are working for because there is no science without experiments. An ISRO engineer works with the structural design entity and their job profile basically is a mixture of Research and routine work including projects. The job profile of an ISRO engineer is generally depending on three works they are Projects, Research, and Services.

As we all know that science is an interesting field with lots of experiments and Research works. So so been and ISRO engineer is a matter of proud because you are working for the development of your nation. From the work of ISRO Engineer, the whole entire nation can be proud of if they do with determination and put his entire efforts in his job.

ISRO Engineer Salary Structure-

There are many different types of engineers like Civil engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Technical Engineers, Electrical Engineer, etc. They have different works and different salaries. Like –

  • A Civil engineer can earn from Rs 2.20 lakh to Rs 6.12 lakhs per annum.
  • A Technical Engineer who troubleshoots components can earn from Rs 2.36 lakh to Rs 6.00 lakh annually.

According to the 7th pay commission, there are many factors and norms which are added as well as reducted from the overall Salary. These norms are mentioned below-

  • Basic pay – The Basic pay ( BP ) for all the Engineers are around Rs 56100/-
  • DA – DA is equal to some percent of the Basic Pay.
    • 7% of BP = Rs 3927/- .
  • HRA – HRA is again equal to some percent of the Basic Pay. The HRA actually depends on classes X, Y and Z.
    • 24% of BP = Rs 13464.( For X Class Cities )
    • 16% of BP = Rs 8976 . ( For Y class cities )
    • 8% of BP = Rs 4488 ( For Z class cities )
  • There be given Transport allowances to the ISRO Engineers, which will be used for office transport vehicles.

There will be 3% of upgradation every year in January or July.

Other than these allowances the government provides many facilities to these Engineers of ISRO.

ISRO Engineer Promotion Criteria-

We will now discuss the promotion criteria of ISRO Engineers. The first promotion can get is after 4 years of their work. They must do at least 3 outstanding or A+ performance reviews called APAR – Annual Performance Appraisal Reviews at the end of every year. After that, there is an Interview Called. As per your Interview performance, you will give either immediate promotion or there can be a six-month delay in your promotion.

In some cases, if the interviewers are not at all satisfied then there will be no promotion given to you. After 1 year they will again call you for the Interview. After the first Promotion they have to wait again for at least 4 years for there next Promotion and that will again depend on their excellent work.

Final Words –

In this Content, we had provided all the required matters and other relevant facts and Norms related to the above topic. We hope that the candidates had found all the required details which they are looking for. We wish you all the very best for your examination and also good luck with your great future ahead. Work hard and achieve all your dreams and aims in life.

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