Listening is one way process Explain. What are the types of listening

Listening is one way process Explain. What are the types of listening?

Listening- Listening is very significant aid to communication. It is very important in oral communication. Division of time in communication is as under:

  1. Listening – 63 percent
  2. Reading – 4 percent
  3. Writing – 11 percent
  4. Speaking – 22 percent

Most of persons listen ineffectively.Effective listening is very important for the managers.

Process of Listening

It contains the following:

  1. Sensing
  2. Interpretation;
  3. Evaluating,
  4. Responding.
  5. Remembering, and

Above can be discussed as under:

1. Sensing:

To remove the obstacles of listening we should write the message while listening.

2. Interpretation

It is essential to understand the real meaning of the message.

3. Evaluating

Under it speaker’s views are evaluated. mind.

4. Remembering

It is the loading of message in the

5. Responding

It is the activity of listener on the message. Litening requires physical and mental activities.

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Types of Listening

According to Thill and Bovee, following are the types of listening:

  1. Content listening;
  2. Critical listening;
  3. Empathic listening,
  4. Active listening.

Following are some other types as listening:

  1. Attentive listening.
  2. Pretending listening:
  3. Intuitive listening;
  4. Selective listening;

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