"Para language is closest to non-verbal Communication".Explain it.

“Para language is closest to non-verbal Communication”.Explain it.?

Para Language or Para Linguistics – Para means ‘like’. Hence ‘paralanguage’ means like a language’. Paralinguistics means systematic study of speaker’s verbalisation. Paralanguage envolves the ‘how’ of a speaker’s voice speaks.


Voice expresses us the six education, training, temprament and background of the speaker. Voices may be clear, musical, raucous, cultivated etc.

Following things should be kept in view while conveying message in the form of voice: Pitch variation is required to catch the listerner’s attention;

  1. Prompt speaking speed;
  2. Volume variation;
  3. Mixed signals.
  4. Pause;
  5. Proper wordstress;

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Advantages of Paralanguage:

These are as under:

  1. Guess the position in hierarchy;
  2. Closely allied to language,
  3. Clue about the mental state;
  4. Important education value.

Disadvantages of Paralanguage:

These are as under:

  1. Like language but not language;
  2. Requirement of extra care;
  3. Misguide or mislead;
  4. Lack of uniformity in oral communication.

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