Rajasthan Police Constable Eligibility Criteria of Physical and Medical.

Rajasthan Police Constable Eligibility Criteria of Physical and Medical

In this Content, we will discuss the deep details of the Rajasthan Police Constable Eligibility Criteria Of Physical and Medical. You will find all the required details related to this topic like – Rajasthan Police Constable Eligibility, Rajasthan Constable Physical Eligibility, Rajasthan Constable Medical Standard, Rajasthan Police Constable Height, Rajasthan Police Constable. In this article, you will all the relevant and important facts related to the topic of Rajasthan Police Constable Eligibility Criteria of Physical and Medical. Rajasthan Police Constables Race

Rajasthan Police Constable Eligibility Criteria of Physical and Medical
Rajasthan Police Constable Eligibility Criteria of Physical and Medical

RP Constable Eligibility criteria of physical and Medical:

The Police department is the basic Pillar of the Judiciary System and the Constables are the building block of those Pillars. They prevent crime, charge the FIR sheet, and present them in front of the Judiciary System. The Rajasthan Police Constables work very hard. Police Department represents the Civil Authority of Government. They do continuous research they do a lot of work to abolish the crime in our Nation or any other body. Police are actually responsible for maintaining the Public Safety and security, they work for the protection of laws made by the government and the Judiciary System, enforcement of the laws and preventing, detecting, and investigating criminal activities.

Police are often also entrusted with various licensing and regulatory activities. For the Rajasthan Police Constable recruitments, there are certain criteria are made which is often known as the Rajasthan Police Constable Eligibility. Some other criteria are made like Rajasthan Police Constable physical eligibility, Rajasthan Police Constable Medical Standard, Rajasthan Police Constable Height, We will discuss it one by one in detail.

Rajasthan Police Constable Eligibility:

Eligibility Conditions: There are certain eligibility criteria in which the candidates should be applicable. After only if they are eligible they can sit in the exam or fill the application form. The eligibility criteria are given below-

  1. Age limit: The candidates should be of 18 years of minimum age. And not more than 23 years of maximum age. But in some cases, the upper limit for Constable can be of 26 years provided that-
  • 5 years can be more in case of male candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, schedule tribes, OBC ( Other backward classes) and also for women belonging from General Caste.
  • 10 years can be more in case of women candidates belonging from Schedule Castes, schedule tribes and from other backward classes (OBC)
  • 3 years can be more in case of the candidates belonging from State Government employees. This means if any candidate had worked in State Government earlier then in their case 3 years more are counted.
  • The upper age limit mentioned above shall be 42 years in the case of Ex-servicemen.

2. Educational Qualification – The candidates should have passed their VIII ( 8th )from a recognized board of any other, School or Equivalent examination for District Police and should pass their 10th from a recognized board or any other equivalent educational body.

Rajasthan Constable Physical Eligibility:

There are various physical eligibility norms that the candidates have to clear in order to be the eligible candidate. They are given as follow:

MeasurementsGeneralGeneralSc/St/OBC SC/ST/OBC
HeightMale candidatesfemale candidatesMale candidatesFemale candidates
Chest measurements (only for male candidates)Before expansion-81cm
After expansion-86cm
Not applicableBefore expansion -74cm
After expansion- 79cm.
Not applicable
Weight ( only for female candidates)Not applicable47.5kgNot applicable43kg

Rajasthan Police Constable Height

The Male candidates of the General castes and from the Other Backward castes should have a minimum height of 168cm. And the male candidates from the Scheduled Castes and the Schedule tribe should have a Minimum height of 160 cm.

The female candidates from the general category and from the Other backward castes should have a minimum height of 152cm while the female candidates from Schedule Castes and from the schedule tribes should have a minimum height of 147cm.

Rajasthan Constable Medical Standard:

The candidates should be medically fit in order to be eligible for the Constable’s post.

  1. The first test is of the Candidate’s knees. The knees of the candidates should not be joint together. There should be some space between the knees.
  2. The legs should not be flat, There is no Helix in the thumb of the leg.
  3. There should not be any disparity in bones.
  4. Feet should not be Bow – Shaped and there should not be any disparity in Joints.
  5. The chest should not be Sunken and must have healthy muscles.
  6. Candidates should be mentally and physically very fit.
  7. The hearing power of the candidates should be very clear, accurate and good.
  8. The eyesight of the candidates must be 6/6. They should be able to see clearly the long sight as well as the short sight.
  9. The Candidate’s eyes should be free from color Blindness. The eyes of the candidates are not dazzled in the light.

The candidates should have all the Medical eligibility as mentioned above. In case if any candidate has not anyone the eligibility the candidate is not eligible for the Rajasthan Police Constable post or any other post in the Police department.

Rajasthan Police Constables Race:

There are many physical tests for the post of Rajasthan Police Constables. Many physical tests such as Race, Jump- Long Jump and High Jump, etc.

The Rajasthan Police Constables Race is one of the best ways to know about the physical stamina or physical strength of the candidates. So in the physical test, the race is also conducted to know about the physical stamina or strength of the male candidates as well as the female candidates.

The male candidates should complete a race of 5kms in 25minutes and the female candidates should complete the race 2.5kms in 14 minutes.

After all these criteria the candidates are finally eligible for the examination and can secure their place in the Rajasthan Police Constable post and can serve their duty, loyalty towards the Nation. And we hope these candidates will do their work faithfully and will prevent the crime as much as they can.

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