Rajasthan Police Constable Salary and Promotion

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Rajasthan Police Constable Salary and Promotion
Rajasthan Police Constable Salary and Promotion

RP Constable Salary and Promotions

The police are the persons or constituted a body that serves their lives to protect the Nation, to protect the lives, liberty, and possessions of citizens of the Nation, states or any other body. To protect the laws which are made by the judicial system. To decrease the number of crimes and civil disorder. They arrest the criminals, file the FIR charge sheet and present the cases in front of the Judicial System. Policing has included an array of activities in different situations, but the predominant ones are concerned with the preservation of order.

Constables are the helping hands or the backbones of the Police department. We will now discuss the Rajasthan Police Constable each and every part of their job life like- How they are selected in the Rajasthan Police Constable, what is their salary etc by knowing their salary and the promotions criteria one can be more motivated towards the post of Rajasthan Police Constable.

Rajasthan Police Constable Salary –

For the salary the candidates first have to be in the department of Rajasthan Police Constable for that they have to qualify the exam which are in five stages –

  • Written exam
  • Physical Standard Test ( PST)
  • Physical Efficiency Test (PET)
  • Proficiency Test
  • Medical Test

Any Candidate who is 8th passed can apply for the Rajasthan Police Constable.

After getting selected in Rajasthan Police Constable they get into the training period. The Training period is of around two years. During the training period, the candidates will be paid Rs- 14,600 per month. After the training period, the candidates will be paid according to the 7th Pay Commission. The Constables are pay according to level-5. During two years of the training period, the salary given as follow

During two years of training period:-

14600- 10% [NPS] = 13,140 hence in the training period the Candidates get a salary 13,140

After the training period, the Salary of the Rajasthan Police Constable is 20,800 ₹ which is fix. After all the reduction in the money of their salary they get around 22130 ₹ in hand and if they work in small cities or districts in Rajasthan and If they work on big cities of Rajasthan they get a salary of ₹23794 in hand. The salary calculation is shown below:

After two years of training period:-

20,800 ₹ [fixed] + 2,496 ₹[D.A] +H.R [8% or 16%] If we take HR as 8% then it will be of around ₹1,664 given to the police constables and if we take HR as 16% then it will be around of ₹3328 given to the police Constables. Generally, HR as 8% is given to those police Constables who work in small Cities or districts and 16% is given to those Police Constables who work in big cities. Now we will tell about the Reduction part of the salary

Reduction- 500 ₹ (S.I) + 2330 ₹ [NPS]

A small S.I chart is given below

S.I premium (from o1.04.2018)

Up to Rs 22,000500/-
22,000 to 28,500700/-
28,501 to 46,5001300/-

Note: NPS stands for National Pension System. It was applied in 2004 by the Central Government of India. And D.A stands for Dearness Allowance.

Hence at last the Salary of Police Constable is

For small cities- 24,960 – 2,830 ₹ = 22,130 ₹ ( in hand )

For big cities – 26,624 – 2,830 ₹ = 23794 ₹ ( in hand )

Apart from all this they get some additional money like Gross Allowance, Hard duty etc.

Other then the salary the Government provides many facilities for the Constables of our Nation.


The Rajasthan Police Constable Promotion list is given below as follow:

  • Constable
  • Head constable
  • Assistant Sub Inspector
  • Sub Inspector
  • Inspector

The Police Constable job is a starting level job in the Police department. Promotions are based on many factors which include the Community of the policeman, Influence with Seniors, Reports from Higher Rank Officers, Exceptional work and the time period of their duty service. In general, The Rajasthan Police Constable gets Promoted according to the time period of their service time. Just not the Rajasthan Police but also the whole Police Department gets their promotions according to their service time and hard work. Promotions are given at first 9 years of their service secondly 18 years of their service thirdly 27 years of their service and at last or fourthly 36 years of their service.

Rajasthan Police Constable Work Profile-

There are around 5000 vacancies of Police Constable have been notified every year in Rajasthan Police. The work Profile is not that easy as to look from outside. The police departments are the pillars of the Judiciary System of Our Country or any other Body and Police Constable are the building blocks of the society they work hard, they sacrifice their lives for the peace of the society. To become a Police Constable first they have to clear the entrance examination as mention above then they come to the training period. In their training period, they are taught how to do their work, they are given physical training too.

when finally after all this they came in their job they work as the fighter bodies of the Judiciary System. They help the higher rank officers in solving cases, they file FIR, they catch the criminals and present them in front of Judiciary, etc. Other than that they do a lot for the nation. Their work and the Work profile are not easy. They are the heroes of the Our Nation and so of our Judiciary system.

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