Synonyms And Antonyms List with Hindi meaning-Download Now

Synonyms And Antonyms List with Hindi meaning-Download Now

Synonyms And Antonyms List with Hindi meaning-Hello Readers Competitive exams की तैयारी जो छात्र कर रहे हैं उनके लिए हमने आज Most Important Post आप सभी के साथ share कर रहे हैं| जैसा की आप सभी जानते हैं की हर प्रकार के प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं में English subjects से प्रश्न पूछे जाते हैं| आज जो Post हम आप सभी के साथ share कर रहे हैं वह “Synonyms And Antonyms List”  है जिसकी हिंदी में meaning भी दी हुई है जिसे आप को याद करने में और समझने में आसानी हो| प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं में अक्सर Synonyms And Antonyms List से प्रश्न पूछे जाते रहते हैं| इस Post में बहुत से एसे प्रश्न है जो पिछले परीक्षाओं में पूछे जा आप इस पोस्ट को याद कर लें |

Synonyms And Antonyms List with Hindi meaning

1.ABANDON-त्याग देना,छोड़ देना Syn: Desert,give up,abdicate,discard,relinquish,isolate. Ant: Carry on, continue,retain

2.ABATE-कम करना Syn: Lessen,appease,mitigate,reduce,soothe,mollify,alleviate. Ant: Increase,intensify,amplifies,augment

3.ABASH-शर्मिंदा करना Syn: Discourage,confound,embarrass,discompose. Ant: Encourage,uphold,embolden,hearten

4.ABETTOR-उकसाने वाला,अवप्रेरक Syn: Assistant,accomplice,colleague,associate Ant:Opponent,adversary,antagonist,rival

5.ABHOR-घ्रणा करना Syn:Detest,hate,loathe,abominate,aversion Ant: Love,like,enjoy,admire

6.ABJECT-अधम Syn:Shameful,miserable,degraded,ignoble,mean Ant: Noble,dignified,honorable,prosperous

7.ABSOLVE-पाप,दोष मुक्त Syn:Excuse,pardon,exonerate,exempt Ant: Convict,condemn,imprison,oblige

8.ABSURD-विवेकहीन Syn:Irrational,foolish,nonsensical,silly,stupid Ant:Rational,wise,meaningful,intelligent,prudent

9.ABUNDANCE-अधिकता Syn:Riches,wealth,affluence,bountiful,copiousness Ant:Lack,want,need,poverty,paucity,dearth

10.ACCEDE-स्वीकार करना Syn:Assent,concede,accept,approval Ant:Refuse,reject,disagree,deny,refute

11.BAFFLE-चकरा देना Syn: frustrate, perplex Ant:compose, facilitate

12.BARBAROUS-बर्बर Syn:uncivilized, savage Ant:cultured, humane

13.BENEVOLENCE-कृपा Syn: humanity, generosity Ant:malevolence, inhumanity

14.BEWITCHING-मोहित करनेवाला Syn:magical, fascinating Ant:repulsive, repugnant

15.BLEAK-बेरंग Syn:dismal, gloomy Ant: bright pleasant

16.BRITTLE-नाज़ुक Syn:delicate, fragile Ant: tough, enduring

17.BUSTLE-हलचल Syn:haste, flurry Ant:slowness, quiet

18.CALAMITY-आपदा Syn: adversity, misfortune Ant:happiness, fortune

19.CALLOUS-कठोर Syn: obdurate, unfeeling Ant: compassionate, tender

20.CALUMNY-चुगली Syn: defamation, aspersion Ant: commendation, praise

21.CAPABLE-सक्षम Syn: competent, able Ant: incompetent, inept

22.CAPTIVATE-बंदी बनाना Syn: charm, fascinate Ant: disillusion, offend

23.CAPTIVITY-क़ैद Syn: imprisonment, confinement Ant: freedom, liberty

24.CAVITY-गुहा Syn: depth, depression Ant: elevation, projection

25.CEASE-संघर्ष Syn: terminate, desist Ant: begin, originate

26.CHASTE-पवित्र Syn: virtuous, pure Ant: sullied, lustful

27.CHASTISE-दंड देना Syn: punish, admonish  Ant: cheer, encourage

28.COMPASSION-दया Syn: kindness, sympathy Ant: cruelty, barbarity

29.COMPRISE-समावेश करना Syn: include, contain Ant: reject, lack

30.DAINTY-शिष्ट  Syn: elegant, delicate Ant: clumsy, coarse

31.DECAY-क्षय Syn: collapse, decompose Ant: flourish, progress

32.DECEIT-छल Syn: deception, artifice Ant: veracity, sincerity

33.DECIPHER-गूढ़लिपि पढ़ना Syn: interpret, reveal Ant: misinterpret, distort

34.DEDICATE-समर्पित Syn: devote, consecrate Ant: refuse, negate

35.DEFER-विलंब करना Syn: prolong, suspend Ant: accelerate, expedite

36.DEFILE-अशुद्ध Syn: contaminate, pollute Ant: purify, sanctity

37.DEFRAY-चुकाना Syn: spend, pay Ant: disclaim, repudiate

38.DELIBERATE-जानबूझकर Syn: cautious, intentional Ant: rash, sudden

39.DELICIOUS-स्वादिष्ट Syn: palatable, tasteful Ant: distasteful, unsavoury

40.DEMOLISH-ध्वस्त Syn: ruin, devastate Ant: repair, construct

41.ECCENTRIC-विलक्षण Syn: strange, abnormal Ant: natural, conventional

42.ECSTASY-परमानंद Syn: delight, exultation Ant: despair, calamity, depression

43.EFFACE-मिटाना Syn: destroy, obliterate  Ant: retain, maintain

44.ELEVATE-ऊपर उठाना Syn: dignify, heighten Ant: deprecate, denounce

45.ELIMINATE-हटा दें Syn: expel, oust  Ant: restore, accept

46.ELOQUENCE-वाग्मिता Syn: expression, fluency Ant: halting, stammering

47.ENCUMBRANCE-भार Syn: hindrance, obstacle Ant: incentive, stimulant

48.ENDEAVOUR-एंडेवर Syn: undertake, aspire Ant: cease, quit

49.ENORMOUS-विशाल Syn: colossal, mammoth Ant: diminutive, negligible

50.EQUIVOCAL-गोलमोल Syn: uncertain, hazy Ant: obvious, lucid

51.FALTER-लड़खड़ाना Syn: stumble, demur Ant: persist, endure

52.FANATICAL-कट्टर Syn: narrow-minded, biased Ant: liberal, tolerant

53.FANTASTIC-बढ़िया Syn: fanciful, uncommon Ant: ordinary, normal

54.FEEBLE-निर्बल Syn: weak, frail Ant: strong, robust

55.FEROCIOUS-क्रूर Syn: cruel, fierce  Ant: gentle, sympathetic

56.FEUD-अदावत Syn: strife, quarrel Ant: fraternity, harmony

57.FLEETING-क्षणभंगुर Syn: transient, temporary Ant: enduring, eternal

58.FLIMSY-झीना Syn: trifling, transparent Ant: firm, tenacious

59.FLUCTUATE-उतार चढ़ाव Syn: deflect, vacillate Ant: stabilise, resolve

60.FORSAKE-त्यागना Syn: desert, renounce Ant: hold maintain

61.GLOOM-उदासी Syn: obscurity, darkness Ant: delight, mirth

62.GLUT-भरमार Syn: stuff, satiate Ant: starve, abstain

63.GORGEOU-भव्य Syn: magnificent, dazzling Ant: dull, unpretentious

64.GRACIOUS-विनीत Syn: courteous,beneficent  Ant: rude, unforgiving

65.GRISLY-भयानक Syn: disgusting,atrocious Ant: pleasing, attractive

66.GRUDGE-असन्तोष Syn: hatred, aversion Ant: benevolence, affection

67.GUILE-छल Syn: cunning, deceit Ant: honesty, frankness

68.HAMPER-बाधा Syn: retard, prevent Ant: promote, facilitate

69.HAPHAZARD-बेतरतीब Syn: random, unsorted Ant: considered, arranged

70.HAPLESS-अभागी Syn: unfortunate,ill-fated Ant: fortunate, lucky

71.HARASS-परेशान Syn: irritate, molest Ant: assist, comfort

72.HAUGHT-अभिमानी Syn: arrogant, pompous Ant: humble, submissive

73.HAZARD-जोखिम Syn: Peril, danger Ant: conviction, security

74.HERETIC-विधर्मी Syn: non-conformist,secularist Ant: conformable, religious

75.HIDEOUS-भयंकर Syn: frightful,shocking Ant: attractive, alluring

76.HYPOCRISY-पाखंड Syn: deception,affectation Ant: sincerity, honesty

77.IMMACULATE-शुद्ध Syn: unsullied,spotless Ant: defiled, tarnished

78.IMMENSE-अत्यधिक Syn: huge, enormous Ant: puny, insignificant

79.IMMERSE-डुबाना Syn: submerge, involve  Ant: emerge, uncover

80.IMMUNITY-प्रतिरक्षा Syn: prerogative,privilege  Ant: blame, censure

81.JADED-क्लांत Syn: tired, exhausted Ant: renewed, recreated

82.JEJUNE-बेसूद Syn: dull, boring Ant: interesting, exciting

83.JOVIAL-उल्लासपूर्ण  Syn: frolicsome,cheerful Ant: solemn, morose

84.JUBILANT-उल्लसित Syn: rejoicing,triumphant Ant: melancholy, depressing

85.JUDICIOUS-उचित Syn: thoughtful,prudent Ant: irrational, foolish

86.JUST-केवल Syn: honest, impartial Ant: unequal, unfair

87.JUSTIFY-दोनों ओर मिलान Syn: defend, exculpate Ant: impute, arraign

88.JUVENILE-किशोर Syn: young, tender Ant: dotage, antiquated

89.KEEN-इच्छुक Syn: sharp, poignant Ant: vapid, insipid

90.KINDRED-आत्मीय Syn: relation, species Ant: unrelated, dissimilar

91.KNAVE-धूर्त Syn: dishonest,scoundrel Ant: paragon, innocent

92.KNELL-समाधिवाली झंकार Syn: death knell, lastblow Ant: reconstruction, rediscovery

93.KNOTTY-विकट Syn: complicated, difficult Ant: simple, manageable

94.LAVISH-भव्य Syn: abundant,excessive Ant: scarce, deficient

95.LAX-ढीला Syn: slack, careless Ant: firm, reliable

96.LENIENT-उदार  Syn: compassionate, merciful Ant: cruel, severe

97.LIABLE-उत्तरदायी Syn: accountable, bound Ant: unaccountable, apt to

98.LIBERAL-उदार Syn: magnanimous,generous Ant: stingy, malicious

99.LINGER-ठहराना Syn: loiter, prolong  Ant: hasten, quicken

100.LISTLESS-उदासीन Syn: indifferent,inattentive Ant: brisk, attentive

101.MINUTE-मिनट Syn: diminutive,miniature Ant: large, colossal

102.MIRACULOUS-चमत्कारपूर्ण Syn: marvellous,extraordinary Ant: ordinary, trivial

103.MTIGATE-कम करना Syn: alleviate, relieve Ant: augment, enhance

104.MODEST-मामूली Syn: humble, courteous Ant: arrogant, pompous

105.MOLEST-छेड़ना  Syn: harass, tease Ant:  console, soothe

106.NEGLIGENT-लापरवाह Syn: inattentive,careless Ant: vigilant, careful

107.NIGGARDLY-कंजूसी से Syn: miser, covetous Ant: generous, profuse

108.NIMBLE-तेज़ Syn: prompt, brisk Ant: sluggish, languid

109.NONCHALANT-बेपरवाह Syn: indifferent,negligent Ant: attentive, considerate

110.NOVICE-नौसिखिए Syn: tyro, beginner Ant: veteran, ingenious

111.OBSTRUCT-रोकना Syn: impede, prevent Ant: hasten, encourage

112.OBVIOUS-ज़ाहिर Syn: evident, apparent Ant: obscure, ambiguous

113.OCCULT-मनोगत  Syn: latent, ambiguous Ant: intelligible, transparent

114.ODIOUS-घिनौना Syn: malevolent,obnoxious Ant: engaging, fascinating

115.OFFENSIVE-आक्रमण Syn: abhorrent,arrogant Ant: docile, compliant

116.PAMPER-संतुष्ट करना Syn: flatter, indulge Ant: deny, disparage

117.PARAMOUNT-आला दर्जे का Syn: foremost, eminent  Ant: trivial, inferior

118.PEERLESS-अद्वितीय Syn: matchless,unrivalled Ant: mediocre, commonplace

119.PEEVISH-चिड़चिड़ा Syn: perverse, sullen Ant: suave, amiable

120.PERTNESS-Pertness Syn: flippancy,impudence Ant: modesty, diffidence

121.QUACK-नीमहकीम Syn: impostor, deceiver Ant: upright, unfeigned

122.QUAINT-विचित्र Syn: queer, strange Ant: familiar, usual

123.QUARANTINE-कोरांटीन Syn: seclude, screen Ant: befriend, socialize

124.QUELL-वश में करना Syn: subdue, reduce Ant: exacerbate, agitate

125.QUESTIONABLE-संदिग्ध Syn: dubious,disputable Ant: reliable, authentic

126.RATIFY-पुष्टि करना Syn: consent, approve Ant: deny, dissent

127.RAVAGE-नाश Syn: destroy, ruin Ant: reconstruct, renovate

128.REDEEM-एवज Syn: recover, liberate Ant: conserve, lose

129.REMNATE-अवशेष Syn: residue, piece Ant: entire, whole

130.REMONSTRATE-प्रतिवाद करना Syn: censure, protest Ant: agree, laud

131.SARCASTIC-कटु Syn: ironical, derisive Ant: courteous, gracious

132.SAUCY-सजीव Syn: impudent, insolent Ant: modest, humble

133.SCANTY-अल्प Syn: scarce,insufficient Ant: lavish, multitude

134.SHABBY-जर्जर  Syn: miserable,impoverished Ant: prosperous, thriving

135.SHREWD-चालाक Syn: cunning, crafty Ant: simple, imbecile

136.TABOO-निषेध Syn: prohibit, ban Ant: permit, consent

137.TACITURN-अल्पभाषी  Syn: reserved, silent Ant: talkative, extrovert

138.TEDIOUS-ग़ैरदिलचस्प Syn: wearisome, irksome Ant: exhilarating, lively

139.TEMPERATE-शीतोष्ण Syn: cool, moderate Ant: boisterous, violent

140.THRONG-भीड़ Syn: assembly, crowd  Ant: dispersion, sparsity

141.UMBRAGE-साया Syn: resentment,bitterness Ant: sympathy, goodwill

142.UNCOUTH-गंवार Syn: awkward,ungraceful Ant: elegant, graceful

143.USURP-हड़पना Syn: seize, wrest Ant: restore, compensate

144.UTTERLY-बिलकुल Syn: completely,entirely Ant: deficiently, incompletely

145.VAGRANT-आवारा Syn: wanderer, roaming Ant: steady, settled

146.VALID-मान्य Syn: genuine, authentic Ant: fallacious, deceptive

147.VALOUR-वेलर Syn: bravery, prowess Ant: fear, cowardice

148.VANITY-घमंड Syn: conceit,pretension Ant: modesty, humility

149.VENERABLE-आदरणीय Syn: esteemed, honoured Ant: unworthy, immature

150.WAIVE-माफ़ करें Syn: relinquish, remove Ant: impose, clamp

151.WAN-वान Syn: pale, faded Ant: bright, healthy

152.WANE-पतन Syn: decline, dwindle Ant: ameliorate, rise

153.WARY-सावधान Syn: cautious,cirumspect Ant: heedless, negligent

154.WED-विवाह करना Syn: marry, combine Ant: divorce, separate

155.WICKED-शैतान Syn: vicious, immoral Ant: virtuous, noble

156.YEARN-हुड़कना Syn: languish, crave Ant: content, satisfy

157.YELL-चिल्लाना Syn: shout, shriek Ant: whisper, muted

158.YIELD-प्राप्ति Syn: surrender,abdicate Ant: resist, protest

159.YOKE-दासत्व का चिह्न Syn: connect, harness Ant: liberate, release

160.ZEAL-उत्साह Syn: eagerness, fervour Ant: apathy, lethargy

161.ZENITH-शीर्षबिंदु Syn: summit, apex Ant: nadir, base

162.ZEST-दिलचस्पी Syn: delight,enthusiasm Ant: disgust, passive

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