UPPSC Computer Operator Salary Promotions and Job Profile

UPPSC Computer Operator Salary Promotions and Job Profile

UPPSC Computer Operator Salary: Applications are invited for the post of Programmer/ Programmer Grade 1/ Programmer Grade II/ and Computer Operator Grade B in the Uttar Pradesh area. Interested candidates can fill their forms before the last date ends. Every year interested candidates can apply for this post who can do work indecent manner. Today in our article, we will discuss the UP Computer Operator Salary, job profile of Computer Operator, and promotions of UP Computer operator. So, candidates who are applying for a computer operator profile must read our article carefully to get all the details in that matter. 

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UPPSC Computer Operator Salary Promotions and Job Profile

All the candidates applying for the UP Computer Operator profile must fill their forms online before the last date ends. The number of vacancies available for this post is 13. The educational qualification required for computer operator post is: 

UP Computer Operator Educational Qualification.

  • Graduate Degree or diploma in computer science or graduate degree with O certificate from D.O.E. 
  • Knowledge of data entry in both languages is a must.
  • Knowledge of Networking Exposure on Novell and Windows NT is also essential. 
  • Typing speed of 25 words and 40 words per minute in Hindi and English is a must.

Preferential Qualification

  • The candidates who have served in the Territorial Army for a minimum period of two years also apply.
  • Given preference to those candidates who have Obtained B certificate of National Cadet Corps which helps in granting direct recruitment. 
  • Candidates who’re age is between 21-40 years can apply for this post.

So, those are some necessary details of the UP Computer Operator. If you fulfill, all the above information means you are eligible for this post. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our main content.

Job profile of Computer Operator (Job Description of Computer Operator)

The work of a computer operator is to monitor and control electronic computers and all other peripheral electronic equipment. Another vital role of a computer operator is to enter commands on a computer terminal and other peripheral devices. They also actively monitor and respond to error messages.

Duties and Tasks of Computer Operator

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  1. Operate all the equipment and enter the command on a computer terminal, ad activate all controls on the computer.
  2. Actively monitors all the systems for equipment failure and error in performance.
  3. Notify errors and supervise all the technicians of equipment malfunctions. 
  4. Helps in solving all the error messages by finding and correcting problems
  5. Operate software and spreadsheets programs, manipulate data and prepare reports.
  6. Assist computer users in solving their issues and answer telephone calls. 
  7. Oversee all the operations of the computer, and schedule terminals and networks for efficient use.
  8. The Computer operator records information related to all the issues and take action as soon as possible. 
  9. Trained other computer operators and supervise and terrain peripheral equipment operators.
  10. Test and debug all the programs and help all the programmers and analysts in resolving their issues. 
  11. The computer operator reads all the equipment instructions carefully and determine the use of the equipment and set to use.
  12. Send data after retrieving, sorting and separate the programs and send it to specified users.

What are the activities performed by Computer Operator

  • Making decisions and solving issues

The role of a computer operator is to analyze all the information and evaluate results and choose the best solution to all the problems.

  • Getting information

The computer operator supervises all the tasks carefully and receives information from all relevant sources.

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  • Processing information

Calculating, tabulating and verifying all information or data.

  • Communicate with supervisors, friends, or subordinates

Provides information to all their co-workers and assistants on the telephone or by writing an email.

  • Using relevant knowledge

Using relevant knowledge means they have to up to date technically.

UPPSC Computer Operator Salary

The job of the UP computer operator is not an easy task as the work of a computer operator is very difficult and stressful. In this situation, the only thing that keeps you motivated and dedicated is your salary. Yes, it’s true. Because you are earning a good salary, then you surely love your job. 

The salary of the UP computer operator is not fixed as it always depends on your educational qualification. UP Computer operator salary also depends on the efficiency of your work at the computer. If you have knowledge of only data entry work or uploading documents, then you earn less salary. While on the other hand if you have a complete experience and do your work efficiently, then you make a handsome income. 

So, the salary of the UP Computer Operator always depends on your knowledge and the types of work you are doing. Thus, the salary of UPPSC computer operators is around 20,000/ per month. There are also some allowances that the computer operator has which are about 2,800. 

Promotion of Computer Operator

There is no particular schedule for the promotion of the computer operator of UPPSC. Not only for computer operator posts, but there is also no fixed schedule of promotion in any other job. As the promotion of UP Operator is totally depends on the higher exams, you appear. These internal exams conduct every year for promotion purposes. Through these exams, you also have the option to jump into another field or department.

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India is a digital country, so; the demand for computer operators is very high in India. Each and every department deals in online work, that’s why the government takes out thousands of vacancies every year for the job of a computer operator. They always look for young and energetic people for this work. They also hire a candidate who has a creative mindset and can quickly deal with all the situations. The person who can decently manage things will give preference. That’s why at a specific age computer operator gets retired or gets transferred to another branch.


So here is the full guide of UPPSC computer operator job promotion, salary, and profile. I hope all of you guys read this article carefully and apply for the vacancy before the last date ends. If you have any or questions comment below, we will back to you as soon as possible.

That’s all for now and thanks for reading this post. I hope you enjoy reading this article. For more updates do follow us and stay tuned with us.

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