UPSC IES Pre Syllabus and Exam Pattern Engineering service syllabus

UPSC IES Pre Syllabus and Exam Pattern, Engineering service syllabus

In this topic UPSC IES Pre Syllabus and Exam Pattern, you will find all the sub-topics related to this topic like – UPSC IES Pre Syllabus, UPSC Engineering service syllabus, IES syllabus for civil engineering, IES Syllabus for mechanical engineering, UPSC IES Pre Syllabus. You will also find all the other relevant facts and matters related to the above topic and the subtopics. For those candidates who are preparing for UPSC IES then first the candidates should know about what is the Syllabus, and Exam Pattern.

UPSC IES Pre Syllabus and Exam Pattern, Engineering service syllabus-

In this article, you will find all the required details for which the candidates are looking for. Please read the whole article in order to get the full and whole information about UPSC IES Pre Syllabus and Exam Pattern. Indian engineering services IES

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IES Pre Syllabus and Exam Pattern-

To understand the topic UPSC IES Pre Syllabus and Exam Pattern we have to understand some terms which we are going to used in this content. Or you can say we have to give answers to some questions. The terms or questions like what is IES? What is UPSC? How the UPSC conducts the exam. We will now answer each and every question.

The full form of IES is Indian engineering services. Indian engineering services (IES) is a national level exam. IES is conducted by UPSC for the requirements of engineers for the posts which are available to the government of India. And UPSC stands for Union Public Services Commission. Union Public Services Commission conducts its paper of IES of engineering posts every year. IES is also known as Engineering Services exams in short ESE. The selected candidates will be rank as A grade or B grade Officers. After the examination, the selected candidates will serve their duty for various purposes and departments for the government of India. UPSC conducts engineering services examination for the requirements of the engineering posts, mainly for the four branches of engineering namely-

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  • Civil engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical and telecommunications engineering

Indian Engineering Services (IES) is considered one of the toughest examinations in India. Every year approximately two to three lakhs students appear in this examination.

After clearing or Qualifying all the three stages the candidates will be appointed as A Grade or B grade engineering officers, and then sent for working for various departments of Government of India.

IES Exam Pattern-

UPSC IES PRE examination is considered as one of the toughest exams in India. The IES is divided into three stages. They are –

  • IES prelims
  • IES mains
  • Interview round

We will now discuss each in detail one by one.

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UPSC IES prelims- ( Stage -1 )-

The first stage of UPSC Indian engineering services (IES) which the candidates have to clear is IES pre. In this first stage of UPSC IES Pre, there are 2 Question papers the papers are of objective type i.e. Multiple choice questions (MCQ). In which the first paper consists of 200 maximum marks and the second paper consists of 300 maximum marks, a total of 500 maximum marks. The marks obtained by the candidates in this paper will be counted in the final marks If the candidates have qualified this round. The students or candidates have to clear or Qualify this UPSC IES PRE in order to get on more step up or to get admission in UPSC IES MAINS.

This is necessary for the candidates to clear this UPSC IES PRE Paper if they really want to clear the examination. If you didn’t score well in this paper you will be out of the Examination automatically. The Union Public Services Commission will then make a list of those candidates who are selected for the next stage i.e. UPSC IES MAINS. This stage is made to check your deep knowledge about engineering. The time period will be 2 hours i.e. 120 minutes.

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UPSC IES Mains – ( Stage -2 )

The second stage of UPSC Indian Engineering Services (IES) which the candidates have to clear is IES MAINS. In this second stage of UPSC IES, the paper is of Conventional Type papers. In this stage i.e. UPSC IES MAINS, there are also two papers conducted by the commission one by one. The first paper is of General studies with Engineering aptitude paper, and the second paper is of Engineering Discipline Specific paper. Each paper is consists of 300 marks, a total of 600 marks. The time period given for these papers is Three hours i.e. 180 minutes. The persons who have only the knowledge of books and not have practical knowledge will not be able to clear this round.

IES – (Stage -3 ) –

The third stage of UPSC Indian engineering services ( IES ) which the candidates have to clear is an Interview round or you can say a Personality Test. The Interview round is of 200 marks. There will a group of people, they may be higher rank officers or members from UNION PUBLIC SERVICES COMMISSION. There will be one psychologist in the bunch of interviewers. In this round, they will check about your personality, practical knowledge and sharpness of mind. They will ask various questions to check how much practical person you mean whether you are eligible for the post for which may candidates are fighting for.

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Marking schemes and ranking order-

As mentioned above the UPSC IES PRE is divided into two papers one is of 200 marks and the second is of 300 marks. In these papers there will be four alternative options, for wrong Answers, there be 1/3 marks deducted. If the candidates have marked more than one option as their Answers then there will also negative markings for those Questions as same as mentioned above. No matter if any of those two options is correct, marks will be deducted. If you didn’t attempt any one the Question then-No marks will be given to you. After all the three stages Rank will be allotted on the basis of sum up marks in every stage.

Note: The candidates have to clear al the three stages in order to clear the examination or UPSC IES.

UPSC Engineering service syllabus

The UPSC Engineering service syllabus is given below as follow-

  • General knowledge will be asked means Current affairs related to any topic like National and International. Their importance relating to social, economic and industrial development.
  • Engineering aptitude covering logical reasoning and analytical ability.
  • Mathematics related to engineering norms, and numerical analysis also.
  • General norms and principles of Designs, Drawing.
  • Importance of safety.
  • Topics are related to Production, Construction, maintenance, and services.
  • Norms of project management
  • Knowledge related to tools, applications, etc of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
  • Ethics and values in the engineering profession.
  • And the most important how to do sustainable development.

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Syllabus of MAINS (Branch Discipline) – IES Syllabus for Civil engineering

In this stage, there are also two papers as mentioned above. The UPSC Engineering service syllabus for Civil engineering/IES syllabus for civil engineering is given below as follow-

  • Building Materials
  • Solid Mechanics
  • Structural Analysis
  • Design of Steel Structures
  • Design of Concrete and Masonry Structures
  • Construction planning and management

Paper-II – The syllabus of IES of Civil engineering is given below as follow-

  • The motion of Fluids, Hydraulic Machines and Hydro Power.
  • Hydrology and Water Resources
  • Environment Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering and Foundation Engineering
  • Surveying and Geology
  • Transportation Engineering

IES Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering

The IES Syllabus for mechanical engineering is given below as follow-

  • Fluid mechanics
  • Thermodynamics and Heat transfer
  • IC Engines, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Turbo Machinery
  • Power and plant engineering
  • Renewable Sources of Energy

Paper-II – The IES Syllabus for mechanical engineering of Paper II is given below as follow-

  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Engineering Materials
  • Mechanisms and Machines
  • Design of Machine Elements
  • Manufacturing, Industrial and Maintenance Engineering
  • Mechatronics and Robotics

Some more details about UPSC IES –

This Examination which is conducted by UPSC is one of the prestigious examinations ever. We wish all the best to all the candidates who are going to fill their application form for this examination. Work hard and achieve your goals.

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