Vision Standard for NDA Examination, NDA Eyesight Requirements -

Vision Standard for NDA Examination, NDA Eyesight Requirements

The NDA is the only academy in the world that trains the candidates for the tri major forces of the nation. This academy is known for giving the best officers to the country. All the candidates who want to join the National Defence Academy will have to appear for the selection phase of this. It is tough to clear if you are not well prepared for this. Here in this article, I am sharing the complete information about the NDA Medical Standard with you and will share with you the details about Vision Standard for NDA Examination or NDA Eyesight Requirements, etc. Check out the article below to get complete information about this.

Vision Standard for NDA Examination, NDA Eyesight Requirements

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Vision Standard for NDA Examination. NDA Eyesight Requirements:

To join the Academy, A candidate will have to appear for the NDA Examination selection phase. In this selection phase, one will have to appear for the Written Examination, SSB Interview, and then Medical Examination, which is conducted by the UPSC. In this medical Examination, all the internal and external body parts will be checked at the Military Hospitals by the Military Doctors.

The Indian Armed forces are very strict in terms of the medical and physical standards of the candidates. It is done very strictly. Now let me tell you the Vision Standard for NDA Examination, and after this, we will see the other Medical and Physical Requirement in the NDA (National Defence Academy) Selection.

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Eyesight Requirement in NDA:

The eye might be the smallest part of the body, but it can create a big reason for rejection. There are some criteria for the person who has a problem in their eyesight:

  • Your eyesight must be 6/6 without glasses.
  • If you are wearing glasses it should not be bad than 6/12.
  • Limits for myopia 0.75D and for Hypermetropia +1.5D
  • Binocular vision III
  • Limits for color perception I
  • Should not have color blindness or night blindness.

This is the Vision standard requirement in NDA. The Indian Armed forces allowed the Lasik Surgery, but there are some criteria for this. Surgery must be done after the age of 20 years old. If you have any severe problem of eyes, you may appear for the Lasik Surgery, but the NDA strictly doesn’t allow this, You can appear for the CDS, AFCAT, INET, and other entries to be an officer in the Armed forces.

Here are also some Physical Requirement that is mandatory to match to apply for this NDA (National Defence Academy) Exam.

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Physical Eligibility for NDA Examination:

  • Candidate must have Standard body weight as per your height.
  • The height of the candidate should not be less than 162cm. There is some relaxation that has been to the candidates who belong to any particular region. You can check the details regarding this on the official website.
  • A candidate should not carry any genetic disease like gynecomastia, joint knees, color blindness, or night blindness.
  • The chest should be well developed with a 5cm minimum expansion.
  • The elbow should not be turned in outer direction for more than 15 degrees.
  • Your joint and your bones should be completely fine.

Once you clear this all, All the candidates will appear for the Internal organs checkup. The Academy just wants to sure that you are completely fit to join the National Defence academy. In the Internal Medical You will appear for the:

  • Chest X-ray
  • Liver test
  • UltraSound
  • Blood Test
  • Urine test etc

If any problem occurs in the Medical Examination and that problem is correctable. You may get time to correct that. There are two types of rejection in the medical Examination, Permanent Rejection, and Temporary Rejection.

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Permanent Medical Rejection and Temporary Rejection:

The temporary rejection is only given to the candidates who have a minor problem, which can be correct in some time. In this particular case, the Medical Board will provide you with some time to correct that. That time can be 45 days, 90 days, a maximum of 160 days only. A candidate will have to appear to the Medical Board before the Date. You will appear for the re-medical Examination, if you are fit, you can join the academy, and if not, you will get a permanent rejection, and there is no way to get back.

The permanent rejection is given on the spot if you have any serious problem that cannot be corrected, or it may take a year or more to get correct. In this case, you will get permanent rejection if you get a continuous dismissal from the service. You can apply for the re-medical Examination to the medical Board.

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If you are defence aspirants and want to be a warrior, make sure you are fit enough to join the service. There are many parameters by which defence personnel can check the candidate’s capability in medical and physical tests. They will check you in all manner. Prepare well and gain complete knowledge about this before entering this field.

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