What are the conditions and general objectives of communication?

What are the conditions and general objectives of communication?

conditions and general objectives of communication – These are as under:

  1. Desire to give information;
  2. Presence of receiver,
  3. Ability to understand the information;
  4. Ability to give response.

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Objectives of Communication

Communication has the following objects:

  1. To give proper and sufficient information.
  2. To establish co-ordination in business activities;
  3. To develop managerial skill;
  4. To policies;
  5. To help in achieving organisational goals;
  6. To organise human and other resources;
  7. To increase employee morale;
  8. To implement the ideas;
  9. To increase production;
  10. To establish two-way communciation;
  11. To receive views and suggestions at all levels;
  12. To present facts and data for employee development and progress;
  13. To establish sweet human relations
  14. To prepare suitable atmosphere to establish any change in the organisation
  15. To make efforts to uplift efficiency; and
  16. To transfer the orders and directions.

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