What are the disadvantages of e-business?

Disadvantages of e-business – There are as under:

  1. Information can flow at the click of a mouse. The order is also placed by the click of a mouse. But the physical delivery of the product takes time. At times, due to technical reasons, websites take unusually long time to open. This may further frustrate the user.
  2. e-business is relatively less suitable for sale or purchase of commodities require personal touch such as furniture, garments etc. There is lack of warmth of personal interaction in e-business.
  3. People oppose new technology and new ways of doing things due to sense of insecurity and stress.
  4. There is less ethical behaviour followed by e-business. The important and confidential information can be leaked out. Many firms use an ‘electronic eye’ to keep track of the e-mail account, computers . files and websites used by their employees. But this interferes in their privacy.
  5. e-business can be done by only those individuals who have the capability to work on computers. This is possible by dividing the society on the basis of familiarity and non-familiarity with digital technology.
  6. There is no direct relation between the two parties involved in e-business transactions. It is difficult to ascertain the identity of the parties and even the location from where the parties are operating. There are more chances of frauds and leakage of confidential information. and
  7. Online business suffers from the problem of hacking virus.

What do you understand by business organisation?

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