What are the disadvantages of e-communication?

What are the disadvantages of e-communication?

Disadvantages of E-communication – These are as under:

1. Computer Security Threat

Computer security threat is clearly one of the major disadvantages of electronic communication. It gives room for a cyber attack. Over 6,000 viruses are been created monthly. You can lose vital information to computer and internet hackers… Also Younger users and ignorant ones can be scammed online by internet thieves.

2.Huge cost of Development and Maintenance

The amount of money required to develop and maintain electronic communication media is huge. There are daily technological advancements, hence there is a regular need for upgrade and development of these devices. The cost of purchasing the latest versions of electronic communication devices is very high.

3. Addiction

One of the demerits of electronics communication is addiction. To mobile devices, internet services, social media chats are usually very compulsive as people spend so much time chatting with friends. They check their messages regularly and quickly become used to it. Addiction to mobile devices and social media is clearly one of the key disadvantages of electronic communication.

4. Intermittent Distractions and Interruptions

Electronics communication involves instant messaging and the users are likely to check their emails messages and chats often. This causes intermittent distractions and interruptions even when the person is working in the office. Also, research by a renowned psychiatrist Dr. Glenn Wilson shows that people who check their emails regularly during working hours are most likely to suffer from a drop in intelligent quotient (IQ). According to him, the IQ of such persons drops by 10 points and it has an equivalent effect as someone who did not sleep at night.

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5. Other Drawbacks

Some other drawbacks of e-communication are

  • Information may loss at any time due to virus, hacking, machinery as under: breakdown etc.
  • It is very difficult to maintain secrecy of information.
  • Dependency on technology may negatively affect the productivity of people.
  • Devices of e-communication need to be replaced at a regular

In spite of having the above mentioned drawbacks of e-communication, nobody can deny its utility in business, social life and even interval. in personal life.

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