What are the principles of effective listening?

What are the principles of effective listening?

Principles of Effective Listening – These are as under:

1.Principle to pay Attention while Listening

Listener should pay full attention while listening to a message. He should concentrate on what the speaker is telling.

2. Principle to retain Message

It is a also a principle of effective listening that listener should have reasonable retention powers so that he may retain the message till it is completed. If the message is forgotten by the listener, communication becomes ineffective.

3. Principle of Seeking Clarifications

If the listener of the communication has some doubts or misunderstandings about the messages, he should clarify it from the sender. It will increase his faith in the sender as well as in the message.

4. Principle of Acceptance to Change

When there is any change in the message, it should be analysed. If it is inevitable, it should be readily accepted.

5. Principle of Common Interest

Listener of the message should try to find the points of common interest so that he may understand the point of view of sender and react on the message. It will help in developing understanding between sender and receiver of the message.

6. Principle of Unbiasedness

Listener should not have any pre- conception in his mind about the message. He should listen and understand follow the message with open mind.

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7. Principle of Eye Contact

Listener should establish eye contact with speaker. It will help in listening, understanding and following the message. It will help the speaker also to follow that he is listening to the message attentively.

8. Principle of Evaluation

Listener of the message should evaluate it only after the message is complete and not in between it.

9. Principle of Verification

Listener should not accept the message as such. He should verify the reliability and credibility of message from all possible sources and view points.

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