What do you mean by barrier’ in communication? What are the main barries’ to communication?

Barrier in Communication – There are many obstacles or barriers to effective communication. Many problems arise because of something going wrong in communication. obstacles may be serious or not so serious. It These is called as-

  1. communication obstacle
  2. incomplete communication;
  3. misconstrued communication;
  4. communication breakdowns.
  5. mal communication;

What are the objectives of business organisation?

Common barriers to communication can be listed below:

  1. Organisation barrier;
  2. Noise;
  3. Lack of planning,
  4. Semantic barrier;
  5. Socio-psychological barrier,
  6. Status barrier;
  7. Cultural barrier;
  8. 8. Wrong and unclarified assumptions;
  9. Information overload;
  10. Premature evoluation;
  11. Inattention barrier,
  12. Filtering;
  13. Loss by transmission;
  14. Channel distortions;
  15. Insufficient period for adjustment;
  16. Offensive style;
  17. Goal-conficts.
  18. Poor retention;
  19. . Wrong choice of medium;
  20. Poor listening,
  21. Time and distance,
  22. Inferring, and
  23. Abstracting.
  24. Slanting.

Barrier to communication can also be classified as under:

  1. Linguistic barriers to communication.
  2. Psychological barriers to communication
  3. Interpersonal barriers to communication
  4. Cultural barriers to communication.
  5. Physical barriers to communication
  6. Organisational barrier to communication, and
  7. Other barriers to communication.

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