What do you understand by business capability and business success

What do you understand by business capability and business success?

Business Capability- A businessman may have god-gifted capability and capability developed through education, training and experience. In present business capability is given more weightage. An ordinary person through experience can become a successful businessman. Developed countries like USA, UK and other European countries have opened management schools where students are taught management skills to be successful businessman.

Businessman success has been defined by certain famous authors as below:

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According to Henry Ford, “The aim of every business should be service to the consumers and profits afterwords.”

Henry Ford

According to Prof. S. R. Davar, “Business success depends upon sound common sense, business morality, business ability, business training and capital.”

S. R. Davar

According to Prof. Dicksee, “Business success depends on three things: (i) Skill and energy, (ii) Necessary capital, (iii) Means of speedily acquiring connections and reputation.”

Prof. Dicksee

Till 18th century it was thought that business ability is an inborn quality. It was the conception that able businessman are born. The qualities are God gifted and cannot be acquired. This notion is true to some extent because some qualities like courage, interest,, capacity to bear risk, capacity to lead are visible since birth. But today the position is entirely changed. There are management institutions imparting education in the field to business. Those educated in these institutions work as professional managers, sales-man and accountants. Every modern businessman wants to be taught in these business management schools. It makes clear that business ability may be acquired.

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