What is Audio-visual communication?

Audio-visual Communication – Audio-visual communication is a combination of sound and sight. It makes use of both words and pictures. Video-tapes, telecast and films are the examples of audio-visual communication. Audio-visual communication is the modern means of communication. It has become very popular in its power and effectiveness. Audio communication is used by both business houses and government agencies. Audio-visual aids are utilized to educate customers in matter of safety, quality etc. Government and social organisations use audio- visual aids to educate and aware public regarding danger of drugs and alcohol, AIDS etc.

It encompasses-

  1. T. V., and
  2. Cinema etc.

What are the economic objectives of business?


These are as under:

  1. Powerful medium of communication;
  2. Combination of sight and sound;
  3. Suitable for mass publicity, mass propaganda and mass education.

To Make Effective:

  1. Attractive and interesting;
  2. Clear, precise, lucid narration;
  3. Easily understandable;
  4. Screen at proper time.
  5. Short;

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