What is non-verbal communication?

What is non-verbal communication?

Non-verbal Communication– Man communicates in words, writing, speaking, listening and also non- words. The non-verbal communication is less deliberate. It is very much subtle and instructive. It is a large part of overall communication. Different aspects of communication are as under:

1.Non-verbal Communication [97%]

  • Voice tone-38%
  • Bodily movements, gestures -55%

2.Verbal Communication: 7%

As non-verbal communication is larger, therefore, consideration. It takes place without use of words.

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Main Features

These are as under-

  1. It has larger use i.e. 97%
  2. It requiers serious consideration
  3. It is neither written nor spoken words
  4. Body movements, space, time, layout, designs, visual and audio signals are used.

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