What is oral session? Give guidelines regarding it.

What is oral session? Give guidelines regarding it.

What is oral session?- A session in which speakers express their work one by one is called oral session. They present their work in a series of short lectures. Generally, they present their lectures 10 to 30 minutes. In oral session each speaker presents and takes questions for a few minutes, and it if followed by the next speaker. Oral sessions are conducted in a room. These sessions are in a lecture style format. Oral session are usually held with a seated audience. An oral session provides an opportunity for several speakers to present their findings.

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Some Guidelines regarding the Oral Session

These are as under-

  1. An opening statement to make familiar the audience with the nature and purpose should be given.
  2. In oral session, an oral presenter should discuss the same things as reported.
  3. Oral presenter should rehearse the beforehand.
  4. He should stay within allotted time.
  5. All presenters should have equal time.
  6. The audience should have an opportunity to ask questions.

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