Write a note on non-verbal communication.

on-verbal communication – Man does not communicate through words alone, or only through writing, speaking and listening. There is another aspect of communication the non-verbal (nonword) aspect. Depending on the situation man has to make a more or less conscious effort in the use / choice of words. The Original forms of communication are non-verbal. In non-verbal communication whole communication is performed without words. Non-verbal communication, requires serious consideration. Non-verbal communication involves neither written nor spoken words but takes place without the use of words. In it we are concerned with such things as body movements, space, time, voice tone/ pitch, general characteristics of the environment colour and layout/ design, and any other kinds of visual and/or audio signals that the communicator may devise. Non-verbal communication is more effective than the verbal communication. It transmits 93 percent part of the communication through emotional and sensual gestures. Most of us communicate message / information through our body language more easily than through words. From the point of view of sender or receiver, non-verbal communication is more efficient than the verbal communication.

Non-verbal communication can be divided into many forms:

  • Body Language
  • Para Language
  • Proxemics
  • Sign Language.

Discuss Interpersonal barriers to communication.

Body language reforms to communicating the message / information through body movements conveying feelings and emotions. Proxemics refers to transmission of message / information through places around, distance and subject-matter around us. Para language means communicating through the quality of tone, voice, slow or high speed of delivery of words, the style of speaking. Sign language refers to express our experiences, ideas, emotions, etc. through signals, symbols etc.

The non-verbal part of communication, is less deliberate and conscious. But compared to verbal communication it is very much more subtle and instructive. Since bodily movements, gestures etc. are so important for communication, they are being systematically studied as a subarea of non- verbal communication. It has been termed as Kinesics’ that literally means ‘body movements’. It stands for the way the body communicates without words and through various movements.

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